Stinky Spray

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Mix Pack - Stinky Ass


  • SMELL FROM HELL – This prank spray is often referred to as smelling like sour milk or something rotting in the sun.
  • STINKY ASS SPRAY – Our best seller smells like straight up ASS in a bottle. Authentic unwashed ass smell.
  • TOXIC BOMB – This is a custom mixture of poop, dead animal, and old rotten food.
  • FAST SHIPPING – We ship orders everyday from Monday to Saturday. Get your bottles in as little as 3 days.
  • GUARANTEED LAUGHS – If you don’t think these prank sprays stink, then we will give you your money back.

Product Description

Get 1 bottle of all three of our Stinky Sprays. Each pack includes 1 bottle of Smell From Hell, Stinky Ass Prank Spray, and Toxic Bomb. You will be able to funk up anything or anywhere in just a few sprays.